Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning

Earth Pro Clean LLC offers carpet cleaning to the Miami valley area, for more cleaning services please call or click. In this article I will discuss some reason you should get your carpets cleaned and a few cleaning processes to choose from.

Why clean your carpets:

Your carpets act like a giant air filter, catching all the dust, debris, dead skin, pet dander, and tracked in soil from outside. Vacuuming alone cannot remove all of this that is why you need your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, if left unmaintained your indoor air quality will get lower and you will notice allergy issues and possibly may begin to get sick more often. This is why we stress to clean for your health on a regular basis and not on appearance, so you may have a clean and healthy home.

Cleaning process to clean carpets, I will list a few:

1.       Hot Water extraction, aka Steam Cleaning: This is the most recognized carpet cleaning process out there. This process is completed by using hot water along with a high powered vacuum to clean and extract the soil from the carpets, this is hands down the deepest cleaning you can get.

2.       Encapsulation cleaning, aka Low moisture cleaning: This process is completed in two different ways, first is completed by a pre-spray of the carpets followed by a bonnet pad to clean the fibers, the soil is removed from the carpet fiber and carried away by the bonnet pad. Second is a pre-spray followed by a counter rotating brush machine that scrubs the carpet fibers and encapsulates the soil, leaving behind the encapsulated soil to be removed after the carpet is dry over the next few vacuum cycles. These processes clean well and are dry in less than one hour. These are not recommended for heavy soiled areas, carpets that have not been clean in a while,

Or pet stains or odor issues.

So there you have it, now you can better make a decision on what cleaning process you would like to have completed. At Earth Pro Clean we believe that the Steam process is the best cleaning period, but offer many processes to serve our customer’s needs. If you are looking for carpet cleaning please give us a call, you will be glad you did.