Carpet Cleaner in Beavercreek Ohio


Carpet Cleaner - Beavercreek Ohio

So you’re looking for a carpet cleaner, how do you choose, what do you look for in a carpet cleaner company. Below are a few things you should consider when looking for a carpet cleaner company.

Reputation: Look around, is the company a member of the BBB do they have any reviews, or negative feedback.

Training: ask the company what kind of training they have look for IIRCR, do they continue to train as times change.

Cleaning Chemicals: What kind of cleaning chemicals is the carpet cleaner going to use, is it safe, is it top quality or the cheapest cleaner they can find.

Technicians: Does the cleaning company use technicians or is it an owner operated company, owner operators usually offer a better service and quality as every cleaning job is more than just a paycheck it’s their business reputation, but if you decide to go with a carpet cleaner who uses cleaning techs, ask them how long the tech has been with the company.

Equipment: Now cleaning equipment isn’t as important as everything else above but you want to make sure that the carpet cleaner is not going to break down during your job and is not something you yourself can rent down the street. Training, process, and quality chemicals do more than equipment alone.

So now that you know some things to look for in a carpet cleaner, how do you choose when multiple companies have all listed above? That really comes down to how you feel about the company and conversations you have had with that company, the chose should not be based on price alone.

Earth Pro Clean has been one of the top carpet cleaners in Beavercreek Ohio and surrounding areas for years, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as an accredited business and we have an A+ score, along with some positive reviews. Our cleaning guarantee is the best in the industry, but better yet we have never had to use it! Give us a call today for your cleaning; you will be glad you did.

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