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 Rugs and Carpet Cleaner in Beavercreek, OH are quite similar to certain kinds of clothes. The most attractive and expensive articles of clothing always seem to be dry clean only, and if you give into the temptation of cleaning it yourself you can easily ruin them and make them invaluable and worthless (Like an antique wedding dress). The same risk is present even if you're only trying to clean a spot stain. Certain kinds of rugs and Carpet Cleaner in Beavercreek, OH can pose the same problems. Here are the times you should look into hiring a professional.


Antiques and Heirlooms  

  Antique rugs are common heirlooms and can carry personal importance that you may want to preserve. In all reality it's probably best to protect antique rugs by storing them away and retire them from daily use. Another safer option is to convert them into tapestries so they can still be admired and not hidden from the light of day. But if you do risk using them you'll need to be extra cautious for cleaning. A professional Carpet Cleaner in Beavercreek, OH will know what kinds of soaps and tools are gentle enough to use to keep them from breaking down.


Oriental and Persians

 Authentic Oriental and Persians are not cheap, and the older they get the more valuable they become. But like all things, time and age will weaken the fibers and begin a process of decay. If you use the wrong cleaners and methods on certain materials, you may inadvertently end up making it deteriorate faster and ruin any potential for future value.



 Whites and variations of it, are by far the most frequently used colors for carpeting due to the clean appearance and way they help brighten a room. But they also have the drawback of making stains stand out like a sore thumb. You can't just dump bleach on your flooring to fix it and using other cleaners may rub it in further. Professionals have the ability to remove any staining to the point that you'd never know that it was ever there.

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