Caring for Carpet Cleaning in Xenia, OH


Your carpeting is a large, expensive investment for your home or business, so it pays to take proper care of it during all seasons, fall and winter in particular. During the cooler seasons, your carpeting will probably take quite a beating from the increase in holiday foot traffic. This is the season of trick or treaters, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas celebrations, your residence bursting with friends and relatives. The wintry seasons have one culprit that spring and summer do not have, and its one that will kill the health of your carpeting: Road salt.


To counter the effects of salt, professional carpet cleaners recommend the use of preventative care during these months. Purchasing a high quality door mat to scrub the dirt, sludge and salt off the bottom of your footwear, supplying your entrance with good quality micro fiber towels to sop up excess water, and having a place for people to store their footwear and change to slippers before they enter. Other preventative measures we recommend include adding protective plastic matting to high traffic areas, and daily vacuuming. However, the best method to protect your carpets in the cold months is to hire professional Carpet Cleaning in Xenia, OH.


Vacuums, rental units or off the shelf carpet cleaning products can only do so much and cannot clean your carpeting completely. Our staff of fully trained technicians will rid your carpets of unhealthy dirt, debris and salt using hot water extraction, which restores life and longevity to your carpets. All of our technicians are professionally trained to meet our strictest standards for excellence. We offer reasonable rates, provide you with the ultimate in professional Carpet Cleaning in Xenia, OH, and all of our work is guaranteed 100 percent. Whether residential or commercial, we strive to obtain complete customer satisfaction through excellence in carpet care.