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Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

We have a 24hr cancel policy. If you cancel or reschedule your order inside 24 hours of your appointment time your deposit will NOT be refunded. If you cancel or reschedule outside 24 hours we will refund or apply entire deposit to future orders. The old saying goes. "Time is money"... When you cancel or reschedule on short notice we can not refill your time on the schedule, and our techs/employees are left standing around while still getting paid.. Almost every time your deposit will not cover the cost of labor for your schedule time lost. Thank you for understanding. Questions? Please call.

Please read extended terms:

1.) 24 hour policy rule above applies to business days only. *Example: if you are scheduled for Monday you need to cancel or reschedule by  Friday before the time of your appointment on Monday to meet 24 hour policy terms, weekend cancel or reschedules for Monday appointments will not be permitted and you will loose your deposit. 

2.) Cancel/reschedule limit, we have a limit on how many times you can cancel or reschedule your appointment.  The limit is a strict 2 times, we can NOT reschedule you again if you cancel/reschedule the 2nd appointment.  

3.) COVID & Sick POLICY: We will not work in positive covid/sick homes. We will not reschedule you for 2 weeks if home has Covid.  Having COVID does not wave this Cancellation Policy.  Please reschedule asap when you have related symptoms. If we arrive or call ahead to find out you have covid, you will loose your deposit inside 24 hours policy. 

4.) All inside 24 hour cancelations will need to reschedule online using the online order/schedule system.  

5.) If we need to reschedule you due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. We will refund your deposit or reschedule at your request.


Minimum Service Charges FAQ:

1. Why do you have a minimum service charge? Great question. To put it simple and direct we can't operate at our professional level of service and stay in business without it.

2. Other companies have minimums, why is yours higher?  Without a three page business 101 class! There are two ways to operate a service business, 1.) You can base your process and service on cheap products, speed, and up-sells. or 2.) You can base your process and service on the best products, quality pay attention to detail service and upfront prices. So we don't have to up-sell you or speed through the job to make a profit. 

3. I still don't understand, how can another company charge a lower minimum and they stay in business?  Simple; This is what we call a "Bait-n-Switch" & "Up-Sell"... they offer lower rates and coupons and specials so they can get you to schedule and get in to your home. After in your home they "up-sell" you on products and service, some of which would and should obviously be included. The big problem with the business model is these companies are trained and operate on "speed" by skipping important steps in the cleaning. This is done just in case you don't buy the up-sell, time is the biggest factor in business expenses. So even if you bite on the up-sell they will most likely still clean your carpets as fast as it takes us to vacuum them. They will also more then likely skimp on products they just up-sold you on, if it started as a scam.. don't be surprised it ends as a scam.. At the end of the day these companies will make more money then we will, they clean 5-7 homes we clean 2-3. Who do you think will offer a better service and clean. 

Note that other companies have around the same minimums if not higher,  they just meet those at the end of the day based on job percentage up-sells.