Affordable Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH


Summer is coming, and you should schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH. Regular maintenance of your floor coverings is the best way to protect the significant investment you have made in the decoration of your home and the protection of your floors. Our skilled technicians are experts in choosing the proper cleaning agents to remove a broad range of dirt and stains. We arrive with industrial strength equipment, used to scrub or steam clean your carpets and rugs. We take care to remove all cleaning solutions along with the dirt to make sure your clean carpet does not become a magnet for another round of staining.


If you have animals living in your home, know that we specialize in carpet cleaning for pet owners. We realize you consider your animals to be part of the family, allowing them the free run of your home. Unfortunately, your pets can track in mud and debris from your yard, staining the carpet and grinding dirt deep into the fibers. Some animals also have occasional accidents. We have a specialized protocol for removing pet urine and feces, taking care of both the stain and any lingering odors. This is very important to make sure your pets do not recreate the problem because of the smell.


If your carpets are looking dingy and worn, you may feel like the only answer is to pull them up and lay new carpeting. Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dayton, OH and expect to see a tremendous difference in the before and after pictures. A thorough cleaning brings the carpeting back to life, removing stains and releasing packed down fibers. Getting the dirt out of the carpet improves the texture of the floor covering, and ensures that you will enjoy it for many more years to come.